Brazilica Film Festival


Film Festival 2016

This years’ festival will include films in venues across the city from dramas, documentaries,comedy and

musicals:  there’s a variety for all the family.

82 Minutos

Sat 9th July  15-30  Free   The Old Library Lodge Lane Liverpool L8 0QH

2015 | Documentary | PG |127 min | Dir. Nelson Hoineff

The documentary documents the construction of Rio’s Carnival, with behind the scenes footage from samba school Portela, ranging from the choice of a theme for the samba to the revelation of the winner, the film takes a look at this cultural phenomenon that attracts the eyes of the whole world every year.

To put the documentary in context, we will screen it in our Brazilica headquarters or barracão, while Brazilica festival preparations are taking place ….It is the new 4D screening experience, with live action in the background.


Samba and Jazz:  Rio de Janeiro to New Orleans

Monday 18th July 19.00 Free Capstone Theatre Liverpool Hope University Campus 17 Shaw St Liverpool L6 1HP2014| Music Documentary | PG| 90 min | Dir. Jefferson Mello

The documentary draws a parallel between these two rhythms and cultures, in a versatile and unpretentious approach, looking for the synergy between the two cities in which they are most present: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and New Orleans (United States). The film portrays, through unusual situations, the authentic artistic expression of these people that although separated by geographic boundaries, share a common feeling: a passion for music and for the popular manifestations that evolves the universes of Samba and Jazz

Samba and Jaz (3)

Tim Maia

Tuesday 19th July 19-30 Free Fact 88 Wood St Liverpool L1 4DQ

2014 | Biography, Drama, Music | 15 | 140 min | Dir. Mauro Lima

Biopic of Brazilian singer Tim Maia, The father of Brazilian soul music, from his childhood in the Tijuca neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro until his death in 1998 at age 55, including his passage by the US, where he explores a new style of music and lifestyle prior to being deported to Brazil, where the support from his former band members, who were beginning to enjoy the massive success of ‘Jovem Guarda’ that would grip the entire country, was no longer existing.

Tim Maia never hid his true nature from anyone, iconoclastic, ironic, outspoken, polemical, and confrontational but always humorous and a gifted singer with a remarkable musical career.




Rio , Eu Te Amo ( Rio I Love You)

Thursday 21st July 19-30 Free The Old Library Lodge Lane L8 0QH

2014 | Comedy, Drama, Fantasy | 15 | 110 min | Dir. Various

After ‘Paris, Je T’aime’ and ‘New York, I Love You’, the ‘Cities of Love’ cinema franchise is back with a celebration of love in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, known for its sensually cinematic sights and sounds. The collaborative film brings seven international and four local A-list directors, including Award-winning international directors , Paolo Sorrentino, John Turturro and Fernando Meirelles to the city known for its natural beauty, sensuality and warmth to put their stamp on Rio’s romance. The 10 short love stories and their respective transitions will deliver diverse, innovative and unabashedly romantic renditions of love in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

 Rio-I-Love-You-Movie (1)

Tudo Que Aprendemos Juntos ( The Violin Teacher)

Tuesday 26th July Free 19-30 The Lantern Theatre 57 Blundell St Liverpool L1 0AJ

2015 |Drama | 15 | 102 min | Dir. Sérgio Machado

The movie tells the story of Laerte, a talented violinist who after failing to be admitted into the OSESP Orchestra is forced to give music classes to teenagers in a public school at Heliopolis. His path is full of difficulties, but the transforming power of music and the friendship arising between the teacher and the students open the door into a new world.

The Violin Teacher (1)

A Batalho Do Passinho

Thursday 28th July 20-30 Free Kazimier Garden 32 Seel St Liverpool L1 4BE  change of venue 8-30pm at The Old Library Lodge Lane Liverpool L8 0QH

2013 | Documentary | PG | 77 min | Dir. Emílio Domingos

Emerged in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, the “Passinho” exploded in 2008 and since then has changed the face of the city’s periphery. A new form of dancing favela funk, the “Passinho” is Rio’s most important cultural manifestation in the last 10 years. The documentary “Passinho Dance Off – The Movie”, directed by Emílio Domingos, closely follows the phenomenon and shows the evolution of this culture.Batalha_Passinho (2)



The Second Mother ( Que Horas Ela Volta)

Tuesday 2nd August  19-30 Fact 88 Wood St Liverpool L1 4DQ

2014 | Drama, Comedy | 15 | 112min | Dir. Anna Muylaert

The tranquil and orderly existence of a live-in housekeeper who’s humbly served a middle-class Brazilian family for over a decade is completely turned upside-down when her daughter suddenly appears. Unspoken class barriers are suddenly exposed, petty snobberies revealed and weaknesses in the family uncovered.QUE-HORAS-ELA-VOLTA (3)



Thursday 4th August 19-30 free The Old Library Lodge Lane Liverpool L8 0QH

2014 | Biography, Drama | PG | 95 min | Dir. Paulo Machline

When Fernando Pamplona is suddenly dismissed from the samba school ‘Salgueiro’ in 1974, his assistant Joaosinho Trinta accepts the challenge of preparing the school for the carnival in record time, having lost the support of the person who had been his boss, his greatest mentor and friend until then. TRINTA tells the story of Joaosinho’s first carnival, a parade of  innovations and technical challenges that marked a significant change in the Rio carnival samba schools artistic design and creativity.

trinta01 (1)



Only When I Dance

Saturday 6th August 16-00 Free Unit 51 Baltic Creative Jamaica St L1 0AF

2009 | Documentary | PG |78 min | Dir. Beadie Finzi

“Only When I Dance” follows two teenagers, Irlan and Isabella from rough, working-class Brazilian neighbourhoods who aspire to the heights of ballet. Yet, ironically, the aesthetic power of Beadie Finzi’s lensing and the unquestioned support of the kids’ families is such that the impoverished favelas of Rio serve merely as a colourful backdrop to the dancers’ training. The picture’s real tension lies, rather, in the international competitions that can make or break careers.




“ Charming and unforgettable experience”  The Guardian

“Unforgettable experience”  Observer Review

“ Real life Billy Elliot”  New York Times