Brazilica Film Festival

This year’s festival will include films in venues across the city from dramas, documentaries,comedy and

musicals:  there’s a variety for all the family.

 ORFEU NEGRO / Black Orpheus



Liverpool, L1 0BY

ORFEU NEGRO / Black Orpheus

1959 | Drama | PG | 120 min | English Sub-titles | Dir. Marcel Camus


Black Orpheus is the 1959 film by Marcel Camus, recreating the Orpheus and Eurydice Greek myth set in the favelas of Rio during carnival.

Young lovers Orpheus and Eurydice run through the favelas of Rio during Carnival, on the run from her ex-lover, disguised as the Angel of Death and Orfeu’s vengeful fiancée Mira. Orpheus is ready for all sacrifice to claim his love.

A multi-award winner, including the 1959 Palme d’Or at Cannes that year and introduced bossa nova to the world with its soundtrack. A classic film to (re)discover.


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Black Brazil saturday 8TH July 2017 14:30FREE Liverpool International Slavery Museum


2015 | Documentary | 15 | 52 min | English Sub-titles | Dir. Angèle BERLAND


Brazil was the last country in the Americas to abolish slavery in 1888. In today’s Brazilian society, many continue to experience racial discrimination. Construction work undertaken for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games revealed the vestiges of the past and the struggles of today.


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Nise – O Coração da Loucura / Nise: The Heart of Madness Wednesday 19TH July 2017 19:30FREE

Reservation via Fact Box office

FACT88 Wood Street

Liverpool, L1 4DQ

Nise – O Coração da Loucura / Nise: The Heart of Madness

2015 | Drama | 15 | 110 min | English Sub-titles | Dir. Roberto Berliner

Multi award winner for Best fiction Feature, one of the highlights of this years selection.  A miracle happened in Brazil in the 50’s, museums opened their doors to artists no-one had heard of. Critics ranked the painters as among the best Brazilian artists of the century and that this explosion of art and beauty was a sign that something comparable to the Renaissance was happening in Rio de Janeiro. Behind this miracle,, there was no art academy,patron or dealer, only a psychiatrist (ridiculed by her colleagues) and a painting studio in a mental hospital on the outskirts of town. The artists were schizophrenic, poor, abandoned by their families and hopeless according to doctors. The film tells the story of this miracle and the life of this rebellious , frail and engaging psychiatrist Dr Nise da Silveira.

Pitanga Friday 21ST July 2017 19:30FREE BRAZILICA barracãoOLD Edge Hill Library

Lodge Lane, Liverpool, L8 0QH


2017 | Documentary | 15 | 90 min | English Sub-titles | Dir. Beto Brant, Camila Pitanga


This UK premiere explores the aesthetical, political and existential journey of actor Antonio Pitanga, in a Brazilian society that has gone through profound societal and political revolutions.

In more than 55 years of his career, actor Antonio Pitanga was featured in some of the most artistic moments of Brazilian cinema, especially during the Cinema Novo period. He worked with filmmakers such as Glauber Rocha, Cacá Diegues, Walter Lima Jr. His testimony is a genuine reflection of Brazilian society.


JONAS Saturday 22th July 2017 15:00FREE UNIT 51Baltic Creative, Jamaica Street, Liverpool L1 0AF


2016 | Drama, Romance, Thriller | 15 | 90 min | English Sub-titles | Dir. Lô Politi


This drama set against the visually spectacular backdrop of Brazil’s Sao Paolo at carnival time won the Special Jury Prize at the Rio film festival.

Jonas, son of the maid in the family of Branca, who knew each other as children and meet again after many years and social barriers have kept them apart.

Jonas now hangs out with his younger half-brother, whilst helping out with preparations for carnival and delivers drug for Dandao. When Branca returns to the area, Jonas is instantly smitten. Drunk after being rejected by her at the carnival, he follows to her parent’s home and is horrified to see her with Dandao.