Carnival Queen Yazzmin

Well, when I was about seven, I took part in a little samba workshop, then again when I was 13 I took part in another one at my school. I forgot all about that, but when I was 18 I saw a beautiful photo of someone who is now a good friend, which was advertising a free Samba class. My friend didn’t want to come, so I took a chance, went alone and loved it! I went that very week to the London School of Samba then back to the free class and was asked to join a company! From there I trained very hard and have taken part in so many different events and shows!

What is your greatest influence?

I’m not actually sure about this. I think I’ve had so many different influences that they’ve all combined and made me who I am. I think I will say everyone I’ve worked with in Samba so far!

What does samba mean to you?

To me, Samba means happiness, passion and friendship. So far I have made so many amazing friends all because of samba. If I hadn’t have gone to that free Samba class, my life would have been so different. It’s the most positive aspect of my life. I have travelled the world and learned so, so much because of this wonderful music and dance! It keeps me happy and healthy and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

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